Admin Note

We are aware that not all of our followers watch the show the night it is aired.  We are also aware that not all of you are from the United States.  The posting policy here on FYCastle is basically we post pics, quotes, and whatnot relevant to the latest episode on the next day.  Tuesday, usually PST.  We don’t claim to be a completely “spoiler free zone”.  We try but it is almost impossible to keep spoilers away especially if it is about an episode that had just aired.

If you’re from another country and have not yet caught up with episodes being aired in the US (and believe me, I’ve received messages ON MY PERSONAL TUMBLR addressing this complaint), we are sorry if the episodes are spoiled for you.  It’s not our fault.  If we hold back posting for ONE PERSON then it defeats the purpose of having a community tumblr where we try to collect as many Castle posts as we can.

Tumblr is a huge community and it is difficult to keep up.  We are only two people running this blog and I’m sure there are thousands of Castle posts out there.  Also, we do run our own personal tumblrs.  If you feel like we’re not spotting gems and treasures, please feel free to submit them.  Submit a link - either in SUBMIT or ASK and we’ll reblog it for you.  It makes it easier for all of us. 

I guess that’s it for now.  I hope everyone enjoyed the Season 3 finale.  I’ll be queuing posts for the whole day tomorrow (and will post other if I find awesome stuff).  Here’s to Season 4!  Love you all!

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