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Castle 5X06 "The Final Frontier" Sneak Peeks

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On the Set Exclusive: Castle Investigates a Sci-Fi Convention Murder

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Castle 5X06 “The Final Frontier” US Promo

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Castle 5X06 “The Final Frontier” CTV Promo

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Castle 5X06 "The Final Frontier" Episode Stills

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E! Online: Spoiler Chat

Dianna: Castle scoop! Not involving Castle and Beckett…I want happy scoop! So you know how Castle is doing a Firefly-esque tribute in an upcoming episode? Sounds like they are currently casting for…well, Nathan Fillion! Gabriel Winters is described as an actor who quickly rose to fame playing Captain Max Richards on a hit sci-fi series. Of course, unlike Fillion, this leading man spiraled out of control after his show went off the air with booze and one-night stands. Castle’s Firefly-themed episode, titled “The Final Frontier,” is the seventh episode of the new season.

Castle 5x07 - “The Final Frontier” - Details

- The episode will focus around the murder of Anabelle Collins
- The murder occurs during a fan convention for the sci-fi show Nebula 9
- The convention is called SuperNovaCon
- We will meet a weapons specialist called Benjamin who is a bit of a mad scientist type
- Other characters we will meet are Audrey, Aneballe’s best friend and Davis, Anabell’s boyfriend

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